Whoa Trigger! You’re going too fast.

Yes things are going a little fast here on Little Shiloh. The ducks are laying
ying, the chickens are laying, the quail are laying, the garden is over flowing and I have a room chin high in fiber projects. Not to mention our three beautiful kids who need creative fun outlets. It may sound like I’m complaining, but I’m not. I couldn’t be happier. Our Little Shiloh is growing and blooming. The beauty that happens here every day can get overwhelming but then the work is done and you sit down to a lovely meal out of the garden and listen to the kids giggling while washing up eggs and your filled with love of your home and your family.

Egg washing

Let’s see now, what has happened here¬†¬† in the last few months. Well our lovely daughter Melissa turned 9 just a few days after the birth of Legend (Lilly). Lilly is the new addition to our herd of soft and beautiful alpaca. We have a herd of 7 females. 3 of which were rescued by a friend of mine who knew I’d love them. My mother then purchased a pregnant female who gave birth to our first Cria (baby alpaca) last year. We then purchased Jerseylicious from Amerapaca who went on to win our first blue ribbon for the farm at MAPACA alpaca jubilee last November. We expect many soft and cuddly things from this group.

Baby lilly

This spring we started our quail business. We began our clutch with 50 quail babies, who weren’t much bigger than your thumb. They just started laying eggs this week. I have to say there is something fairytail like about a quail egg. It’s so small and delicate. I’m not sure if I want to just put them on the counter to look at or make a mini omelet just for fun. In the meantime, we received 100 more baby quail this past Tuesday. Thank goodness I cleaned the project room out to accommodate them. I’m not sure if I could have handled any more birds in our living room. As cute as they are, they stink!

Duck and quail eggs

Tomatoes tomatoes tomatoes. I know I’m not the only one up to there neck in canning. In the spring you plant all of these sweet little plants with your mouth watering with the taste of sweet tomatoes. Then summer hits and your knee high in summer projects with the kids and the birds and these darn sweet tomatoes keep coming and coming and coming. By the time summers over, you don’t want to hear the word tomatoes again. Your cloths get stained, your floor and cabinets are splattered with tomato seeds, is it worth it? Oh yes! You know it. Nothing better in the world than homegrown tomatoes. Well maybe a quail egg.

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